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Try/on Life Community Farm

The Try/on Life Community Farm is a 7-acre sustainability education center surrounded by Tryon Creek State Park in SW Portland. The TLC Farm provides a variety of educational experiences for children of all ages focused on organic agriculture and permaculture, food systems, natural building, native habitat restoration, sustainable life skills and integrating arts and the environment. 

This is a great place for field trips. The TLC Farm education team will work with you to craft a curriculum tailored to the needs and skill level of your group.  A typical first visit is often an interactive farm tour, followed by a hands-on gardening or natural building activity.  They encourage groups to come out several times when possible, so kids can engage in a long term project and see the results of their efforts.

Facilities include:

  • natural building examples (cob, straw bale, light straw clay)
  • outdoor kitchen with traditional clay ovens
  • organic, permaculture gardens
  • goat barn and chicken yard
  • outdoor teahouse
  • yurt with woodstove
  • antique barn
  • trails leading into 650-acre forest

The TLC Farm is open for field trips Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and each visit typically lasts 2-3 hours (1 hour minimum). Rates vary according to the needs of the participants and no one is turned away for lack of funds! To schedule a visit, please contact Matt Gordon, Education Coordinator, at 503.245.3847 or edu@tryonfarm.org.


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