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GreenGroup 3/25: composting, eco-lawns and washcloths

Today was our GreenGroup's first "home visit," and three of us (me, Renee and Jen) we went to Erin's house. Erin and her husband, Andrew, have been renovating their house for five years, and I gotta say, it's the closest I've ever been to a Dwell magazine-worthy house. Interesting use of materials, great lighting, and a kitchen to die for (concrete counter tops, glass tile, dark wood cabinets, stainless apps - gorgeous). They are trying to incorporate as much green-building into the house as they can, and an eco-roof on the shed may be blooming in the near future. Erin's been saving her food scraps all week, so Renee showed her how to do in-ground composting. Jen brought a bucket of worms from her compost pile to add to the slop. A few other nuggets we discovered:

  • Erin and Andrew have a huge lot, so they planted an eco-lawn, which is a mix of grass, flowers and ground cover. It requires no watering or fertilizer, and you only need to mow it once a year. It only grows to about 6 inches long, though because of its length it's not the easiest lawn for a small child to play in. I meant to ask her whether it attracts bees, which would be a deterrent for my kids.
  • Erin has white washcloths stacked in her kitchen, a substitute for paper towels and napkins (I love this idea). She buys them in jumbo packs. (Maybe she'll tell us where?)
  • As we were leaving, Erin packed us some baked goods in waxed paper baggies (you can find them at New Seasons and other natural food stores), which she uses instead of plastic zip-locks. She believes you can compost these baggies, much like Seattle is now composting its pizza boxes. And when she does get a plastic bag, she washes it and reuses it until it's falling apart!

Thanks for a great afternoon, Erin!


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