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Baby step: use cloth napkins

When my mom downsized homes a few years ago, I inheirited a fair amount of linens - table cloths, cocktail napkins, dinner napkins, table runners, placemats, you name it. Since then, they've been sitting in the linen closet. Period. Oh, on the rare occasion, I'll dig out some cloth napkins for a dinner party or book club. Otherwise, they just don't get used. However, like most Americans, we use a ton of paper napkins on a regular basis. We buy them in bulk from Costco. So I've just made the switch. I took all the cloth napkins out of the linen closet, stuck 'em in a nice basket on the kitchen table, and we're feeling a lot more civilized and a little pleased with ourselves for cutting down on disposable paper product waste. The paper napkins are back in the closet. We'll save those for picnics! We've also started adding a few paper napkins to the compost bin. We'd never thought to do that before we learned a whole lot more about composting with the Master Recyclers.


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