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Let it all hang out -- the laundry, that is

I was delighted to read an article in today's Oregonian about the resurgence of the clothesline (thank you, Gabrielle Glaser for writing it)! Erecting a retractable clothesline is something I've had on my mental to-do list, and this article reminded me to get a move on. Growing up in Indiana, we often hung our sheets and clothing out to dry (and I swear we hung our underwear out, but holy moly, Mom, how could you have done that to us?) There is nothing like the smell of fresh air-dried sheets. Mmmm. Of course, there's the whole energy-conservation aspect of it. And there's a Web site! Project Laundry List is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the world one clothesline at a time. At the core they are energy activists -- but you've gotta check out the laundry art installations and writings about laundry (really!), in particular Mrs. Washalot -- a blog about laundry by a Aussie mum (lots of nappies).

Believe it or not, many people are anti-clothesline. They don't want to see their neighbor's knickers flapping in the wind (sorry, still have Aussie-speak on the brain). I suspect those communities with HOA fees and strict yard and home maintenance standards outlaw laundry lines. I personally can't wait to buy my first bag of clothespins! How about you? Do you air your laundry? What's your clothesline set up? Do you oppose it?


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