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When life is stranger than fiction...

So, life was chugging along like normal.  The kids got the stomach flu, our kitchen got a whirlwind remodel (I can't really say it was a green remodel, except for the fact that we used PaperStone for the counters, which I totally LOVE), and the chickens kept growing.  Then, all of a sudden, the postman brought this:


Yes, folks, that's a box of 40 baby chicks, delivered unexpectedly on my doorstep by the postman.  I've already blogged about it once, right after the shock wore off, so you can read the whole sordid story here.

We've recovered (from the chicken incident, not the flu), so continue reading to hear all about what I was GOING to talk about before all heck broke loose at our house...

So.  Our chickens are now gangly teenagers.  They look like little dinosaurs, which, as I've learned from PBS Kids, is kind of true (apparently they're the closest living relative to the T-Rex - go figure!).


Here's Rhoda, giving me the eye.  Does it look to you like she thinks I'm something tasty?


The girls are getting harder and harder to pick up, since they have pretty good feathering of their wings now and they're not afraid to use them.  The rapidness of their growth makes the finishing of the coop even more urgent.  Last weekend we got the frame moved into our backyard and got a good start on building the henhouse.


The kids have had a great time playing in the coop, pretending they're chickens.  Sydney will "lay eggs" and then hand them to me through the egg door (like the pseudo-zen design there?), cackling just like a little hen.


I am going off on a sock knitting cruise (yes, there is such a thing) for the next week.  It will be fascinating to see how big the chickens are when I get back, and to see if there has been any progress on the coop while I've been away (or if the coop builder spends his kid-free week enjoying some peace and quiet in front of the tv)!  I am seriously hoping there won't be any more unexpected deliveries of the live animal variety while I'm gone...


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