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A virtual visit to Far West Fibers

If I miss a Master Recycler Plastics Roundup (next one is May 19) and my garage overfloweth with plastic, I usually load up the car and head over to Far West Fibers. Far West is a private company that makes money from selling recyclable items to markets that will turn them into recycled products. So they make it very easy for you and I to drop off just about any kind of recyclable item. I always go to the depot on SE 28th. I've taken several photos of it, so that you get a sense of what it's like and the types of items they accept. They also accept all kinds of paper, glass and metals -- anything you can recycle curbside -- but I didn't take any photos of those bins. All you need to do is pull your car up to the bins and unload. You don't need to go into the office unless you have styrofoam blocks or other items that charge a small fee. It costs $5 per carload of styrofoam blocks, so I generally wait until I have enough to justify the cost. There is a donation box out by the bins if you want to add a couple of bucks, but it is not required.

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