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Great example of reuse: Book Journals

Dscn0112 A couple of years ago my husband came home with a box full of what appeared to be old textbooks. Wha? On closer inspection I realized they were old books that had been turned into journals. The covers had been removed and rebound into journals containing acid-free paper interspersed with random pages from the original book. Some of the original pages even have notes scrawled in the margins from past owners. The local company that makes these books in called Ex Libris Anonymous and their site is BookJournals.com. They've got a huge array of covers from which to choose -- everything from The Poky Little Puppy to The Bobbsey Twins to Learn Swedish!

I mostly use the journals for making lists, taking notes, sketching furniture arrangements for my living room (a minor obsession), you name it. Because the paper is acid-free, you could use it as a scrapbook or diary -- something you want to preserve. When we started the GreenGroup, I picked this Organic Chemistry journal for taking notes because, well, it just seemed appropriate. Plus I like to think that people are secretly impressed that my choice for light reading is an Organic Chemistry textbook.


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