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Take 2: A recycling center that works for this family

As Chrissy posted last week on her blog, I too was a newbie to the Master Recycler plastics roundup held earlier this month. While I'd washed all my plastics prior to the morning of the roundup, I had not sorted in any way, shape or form. So I spend much of that Saturday morning sorting plastic bags, clamshells, tubs, etc..

Recyclebin1_2 But with the roundup under my belt, it clarified what I needed to do to organize our house for recyclables that are not part of the curbside program. The first thing was to put recycle bins on each floor (we live in a 3-story house with the garage on the basement level). So now we have a recycle bin in the main-level kitchen, competing with our normal garbage can (under the sink) and the compost bin (on the counter). We also have a recycle bin on the second-story at the end of the hall. Having these bins has ensured that magazines, newspapers, shampoo bottles, post-it notes, plastic bags, etc. all make it to designated recycling programs.

Sortcenter_2 So this final step was setting up a sort center in the basement. I put it next to our yellow bins, where we collect all the recyclables for the curbside program. Now, it's not in any way pretty, mind you, but it does the job. Since it's in the basement, I wasn't too concerned about the pretty factor. What's especially cool is that all the bins are reused in some way. The shelving is our former baby changing table, with a few bins that used to hold diapers, wipes, etc. The numbered cardboard boxes are from Costco or old moving boxes, and I'll fill in as I get more (right now there are just spaces for a few of the numbered plastics). On the very top, there's a box for non-numbered plastics. As a KidTip, my preschooler enjoys helping me find the numbers on the items and put them in the proper place in the sorting center. And her vision is a lot sharper than mine, so this is a truly helpful thing!


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