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How does one adult bike with two kids?

I used to have a bike. In my twenties when I was too poor to afford a car, the bike was my main means of transportation. I also lived in SE Portland, where the terrain is a lot flatter. Now I'm in the SW hills, and up until recently the thought of riding a bike around here sounded horrible. Too many hills! (Though don't tell that to the devoted bike commuters who huff up Terwilliger every day.) So I gave my bike away. Now I'm thinking about biking again as a way to cut back on car usage, but there's another issue: the kids. During the day when my husband is at work, is it possible for one adult to bike with two kids? My 5.5 year old is still on training wheels and can't possibly handle going down (or up) hills on her own. The almost 3-year old is too small for a tag-along. Is it possible to do? Do I need to wait one more year until my daughter is a confident cyclist? She does great on the tag-along, but then what do I do with my son?

Cargobike_l_2 The Oregonian had a great story about a family with three little kids who'd traded in their van for a Bakfiets bike -- a bike with a big cart in front. All three of the kids ride in the cart. It works for them, though I wonder if they ever go up big hills. It also costs $2,500, which is not in my price range (but, it's a great price for a car-substitute!) So I'm looking for stories! Do you bike with your kids? How do you do it?


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