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What do you do with the school art?

Heather K. is a woman after my own heart. I was just noodling over this same dilemma of overflowing artwork recently on ReadySetMom.com...

"Here's a question. Both of my kids bring a ton of papers home from school (spelling tests, school newsletters, misc worksheets), but my son especially brings home countless art projects and "creation station" inventions from kindergarten. I love that the schools encourage creativity, but I can't get over the amount of junk (sorry, kids) they bring home. Talk about waste! It either clutters up my house, or I have to figure out a way to recycle the stuff (and much of it is not curbside recyclable). Any ideas?"

I recently set up recycle bins in my house (in place of garbage cans) to make it easier to recycle and less easy to thrown stuff away. We plastered the cans with as many art drawings, paintings, collages, etc. as we could fit on 'em. That was my best idea. Some of the ReadySetMom readers had some great comments. But it'd be great to hear what the EnviroMoms have to say on the subject as well!!


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