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P is for Peony

Dscn0153Now that we're out of school, we've been in the yard constantly and have enjoyed watching new flowers bloom and our tiny veggie patch grow. A fun little game I play with the kids is to identify plants and flowers and have them guess the first letter of the name. It's amazing how they are now able to identify so many plants in our yard just from playing this simple game.

A few days ago my 2.5 year old son started yelling, "Mommy! Come quick! Come quick!" Thinking the worst, I dashed over, grabbed him by the shoulders and asked, "What is it? For God's sake, man, what is it?" "The poppies are here!" he yelled. The giant, orange Chinese poppies we've been waiting for, finally had started blooming, and they were stunning. It was pretty stunning, too, to see him so excited about something so natural.


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