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Strawberry freezer jam: yummmm!

Thank you, Carol W, for inspiring me to make strawberry freezer jam. I've made cooked jams in the past. And have loved them, but have avoided it for years now since our lovely children entered our lives. Canning just seemed like way too much time and trouble.

So I was so pleased by your suggestion to make strawberry freezer jam. It was so fast and easy, and everyone in the family loves eating it (even my fruit-o-phobe 5-year old). I now plan to put up a lot of freezer fruit jams this summer, and probably would not have done so otherwise! The fruit-o-phobe even wants to picks blueberries with me when they come into season. All those readings of Blueberries for Sal seem to have had some impact. Maybe someday she'll even eat one!! Well, at least I feel we're on the right track. I've just started reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and am pleased to see even her kids didn't love all fruits and veggies as kids. So there's hope for us too!!


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