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Cheap-o-dad: one fill-up summer

There's no question that summer is the nicest time of year in the Pacific Northwest: blue skies, warm temps, low humidity, little rain. That's why Cheap-o-dad is trying an experiment right now. His goal is to avoid driving his car this summer so that he doesn't need to fill-up his gas tank until fall. The last fill-up was in May on the day of our oldest daughter's preschool graduation.

So far so good. Most days he rides his bike to and from work. He's 4.5 miles to his office in downtown Portland. We're in the hilly part of town, so the real workout comes on the way home. On days when he doesn't bike, he jogs to work in the morning, and carpools home with a co-worker (or sometimes the opposite). On rare days he does drive.

We are fortunate to live in a town where business casual reigns, there's lots of bike lanes, and physical fitness is valued. We're saving a lot of money on gas and parking, and he doesn't spend any time at the gym now that his workout is integrated into his life.

While I can't always avoid using my car with two kids in tow, I am enjoying the summer weather and finding days that we can walk/stroll to places instead of driving. At least in the summer we are not on a tight time schedule like the school year.

How do you avoid using the car?


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