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Found it! A source for pasture-fed chickens!

Chicken Kookoolan Farms of Yamhill made their debut at the Hillsdale Farmers Market today, and I wasn't the only one leaping for joy. People were lined up, asking all kinds of questions and buying chickens that had just been slaughtered yesterday. I posted awhile back about my search for pasture-fed chicken, and I can't wait to cook up my 3.75 pounder for dinner tonight! They are only selling at the Hillsdale and McMinnville markets, but anyone can call them up or come out to the farm to buy chickens. Three Square Grill and Nostrana also cook with their chickens. Here's the scoop:

Kookoolan Farm's transitional organic, truly free-range, pasture-fed chickens live outdoors, exercising or resting at their pleasure, foraging for bugs and grass as birds should. Certified organic feed. No hormones. No antibiotics. No medications. No cages. No artificial lighting. No confinement. No crowded transportation to slaughter. Contains no retained water from processing.

Our chickens are naturally raised in small flocks of 200 and respectfully hand-processed on the farm where they were raised. Our Oregon Department of Agriculture licensed processing facility is located right on our farm. Our hand-processed chickens are humanely killed, then air-chilled to obtain optimum flavor and texture.

Cost is $3.75 per pound, whole chickens, fresh or frozen. Contact them at 503-662-4742 or kookoolan [at] gmail [dot] com. At the Hillsdale market, their stand is at the very end, closest to Rieke Elementary. In addition, the farm also sells raw cow and goat's milk -- call or email for more info.

Yeehaw! Will this be the best chicken I've ever tasted (if I manage to cook it successfully)? I'll report back...


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