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Get ready for the Hillsdale Used Book Sale on July 29

We're busy cleaning the house today. Getting ready for some out-of-town guests staying for the weekend. In addition to making up the beds and putting out clean towels, we're also sorting through the piles of books we've accumulated over the years and setting them aside for the Hillsdale Used Book sale coming up on July 29.

If you have books you'd like to donate (hardback, paperback, children's, etc.), you can drop them off Sunday, July 22 at the Hillsdale Farmers' Market from 10am to 2pm (in trade for a tax deduction receipt).

If you'd like to purchase used books, here's the scoop: the book sale will be from 10am to 3pm at the former Estby gas station (just east of the Baskin-Robbins shop). The proceeds of the sale benefit the Hillsdale Alliance organizations (Hillsdale Farmers' Market, Hillsdale Neighborhood Association, Hillsdale-area public schools, neighborhood emergency teams, SW Trails and Hillsdale Library).


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