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Look how pretty! (and I made it myself)

Marketsalad An overflowing produce crisper mocks me daily. My CSA subscription, which I love, has definitely been a challenge. I'm not a confident cook, so cooking is always a bit of a challenge. Well, I was determined to make something with all this bounty for dinner, so I hopped on to Epicurious and found a recipe that used five (five!) produce items that I just happened to have: baby potatoes, carrots and beets (which I roasted), curly endive, and dill (for the dressing). I broiled a couple of chicken breasts, made a simple salad dressing, et voila. Roasted vegetable and chicken salad! I would have cooked this all on the grill, but I couldn't get it started. The best part is that I was able to feed my kids the chicken, carrots and potatoes separately, and then toss everything else together and douse it in dressing for us parents. It's the little victories that get me through the day.


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