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Pasture-fed chicken, take II

Best. Chicken. Ever.

Wondering what real chicken tastes like? Try pasture-fed. Yes, it is more expensive ($17 for 3.75 pounds). But I'm a recent convert to the whole "You get what you pay for" way of thinking. I roasted it for dinner last night (stuffed with garlic and an orange - yum) and have enough left over for a 2nd dinner. Then, for the FIRST TIME EVER, I made my own chicken stock (because I wanted to get every bit of my $17 out of that hen). I tossed the carcass in a soup pot, covered it with water, threw in some farm-fresh carrots and onions, some dried herbs, salt, pepper and simmered it for about four hours. After removing everything I could with a slotted spoon, I ended up with eight cups of tasty stock, which I stored in freezer bags. Camilla_2

Remember Gonzo from the Muppets -- how he was always swooning over Camilla the chicken? I had a Gonzo moment with that chicken.


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