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Quick & easy food preservation

The Oregonian's FOODday section today has an excellent article on simple ways to preserve fresh, farmers market berries, greens and vegetables. Busy, working woman Laura Ohm shares her quick and easy tips for freezing, canning and pickling the harvest without adding a whole lot of extra time and work. Once a week, while she's cooking dinner, she'll do a little preserving so that by the end of summer she has stored enough fruits and vegetables to last throughout the winter. Even frozen, the veggies taste way better than grocery store fresh veggies in the wintertime (which have traveled thousands of miles), plus she is saving a ton of money. She subscribes to two shares of a CSA! (Renee and I split one share and I still struggle to use it all!)

Renee shared her freezer jam experience recently, and this article shares tips for freezing berries (stick them right into the freezer, pint container and all) and future uses beyond jam. I am definitely going to try freezing fresh spinach and arugula, because I love tossing it with pasta in the winter. And while my kids won't touch them, my husband and I love beets, so I'm thinking I'll try some pickling. Do you have any quick and easy preserving tips to share?


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