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Crafting cloth napkins for child's lunchbox

I don't know where this crazy idea came from. I can't get it out of my head. I'm thinking about a batik/tie-dye project making cloth napkins for my kindergarten-bound daughters lunches. With my 5-year-old's help. Is this utterly insane? I'm all for durable goods. I bought some stainless steel utensils to pack in her lunch from Ikea. Hopefully we'll use them for years. Now this thing with the napkins is either brilliant or insane. You tell me.

Here's my idea: try to write her name on the napkins with the batik wax, then tie-die or batik the fabric so that they'll be vibrantly colored and fun to use. And with her name on them, they won't get lost. The wacky part of this equation is I'm not a crafty person. You should have seen the birthday cake I made for my 3-year-old's family party a few weeks ago. I had visions of a gorgeous, delectable cake a la Baker & Spice. It was more like a hockey puck with sprinkles. Heather and I nearly wet ourselves laughing when I first showed it to her.

What in the world these napkins are going to turn out like is beyond me. Probably quite ugly. To top it off, I was thinking I'd use all natural type dyes. Maybe something brewed from wildflowers. Am I stark raving mad? Please, someone who is a competent crafter, set me straight before I mention this hare-brained idea to my daughter and she buys into the project...


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