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Nature through the window

Dscn0298 I was sitting in the dentist chair last week mesmerized by the birds flocking to the window bird feeder hanging outside his office. Why haven't I ever put one of these up, I asked myself. It's so much more interesting than television. So the kids and I headed over to the Backyard Bird Shop and bought a couple: one for the breakfast nook and one for my daughter's room. The suction cups made it easy to hang (critical for those of us who require instant gratification). I liked this style (Window Cafe by Aspects) because it is enclosed, which keeps the seeds dry in wet weather, but I would have preferred one that hung out a little further away from the house (so not as much bird poo would land on it). C'est la vie. The clerk said it might take a few weeks for the birds to discover their new feeders, and despite my daughter's best efforts at bird-traffic control (two arms motioning toward feeder), we'll have to wait until they find it on their own.

I don't know if you can see it, but just to the left of the feeder a very large brown spider has taken up residence outside my daughter's window. She's not a huge fan of spiders, but this one is safely behind glass. Both kids love to watch it -- sometimes it's on the web, sometimes on a nearby leaf. A smaller spider has recently moved into the neighborhood, so there's much discussion as to whether they are friends or whether the bigger one resents the intrusion on his privacy. Little does he know that his every move is being watched by saucer-eyed arachnophobes.

I also really like the view out my daughter's window -- she can keep tabs on our little vegetable patch and see which flowers might be blooming. The huge Chinese maple tree turns a violent orange in the autumn and reflects a rosy glow throughout her room. Since you can't be outside 24/7, it's nice being able to appreciate the wonders of nature from the comforts of a bedroom or a sunny nook.


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