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Which enviro friendly books and movies do you recommend?

It's quite possible that my husband and I were the last people in America to see An Inconvenient Truth. We watched the DVD last night after the kids went to bed. I remember last year when Heather told me she and her husband had seen it in the theater. How moving and scary it was. And motivating. At the time, I was reading a book called The Long Emergency that discusses a future in a world past peak-oil. It would be unfair to describe us as babes in the woods, but we've come a long way from our various "light-bulb" green moments and have made changes in our families' lives to live more lightly, and to share our enviro adventures in a public way here on the EnviroMom blog.

I'm hoping I might actually see Leonardo DiCaprio's 11th Hour before it goes to video. Another one I want to see is Who Killed the Electric Car? (Erin from our GreenGroup mentioned it ages ago).

What books and movies have motivated you to make green changes? Have the changes stuck? How do you cope when you talk to people who deny that global warming/climate change is happening? And that we can do something about it...


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