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Baby step: bring on the layers

Heather and I have been trying to "one up" another on how cold our houses have gotten in the past week. Suffice to say they've dropped to the low 60s. It's hard to believe it was 90-degrees outside just a week ago.

Regardless of the chilly temps inside, we are resisting the urge to turn on our central heaters. Silly as it may sound, I find that if I keep on the fleece I was wearing while outdoors when I'm inside my house, I'm fairly comfortable. We sleep with down blankets on all of our beds, so keeping warm at night is not a problem. Worst case scenario, I'll turn on a space heater if our frigid house gets too uncomfortable. Somehow it seems sacrilegious to turn on the central before October (or at least the calendar start of autumn). It's also time to dig out my favorite down throw blanket for curling up and reading on the sofa during those precious quiet minutes each day.

If luck is on our side, we may still have an "Indian summer" in store for us. In the meantime, take advantage of solar heat by opening your drapes on the sunnyside of the house to capture as much passive solar as you can during the day. And put on your wool socks, Birkenstocks and fleece so we all look like Oregonians for cryin' out loud!


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