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Great resource: Clean House, Clean Planet

I picked up a copy of Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan at the library and have been learning tons from it. What's great is that she rates all of her non-toxic recipes on how well they clean, how they compare in price to highly toxic store-bought products, and she uses brand names! (Some resources try too hard to be vendor agnostic, making it hard to figure out what exactly they are talking about). To top it off, she has tested and tweaked all of these recipes, so you know they have to have succeeded on some level to be included. I have felt like a guinea pig testing the Green Cleaner recipes Metro publishes, and have not had any luck with their recipes for non-toxic ant baits. Never fear, Logan's book has 5 more recipes for me to try when the ants come marching back again next season (hurrah, hurrah).

If there's one thing lacking, it's that I wish there were more recipes like the hair spritzer and soft soap. This book focuses mostly on cleaning products (as the title would suggest). So if anyone has a recipe book for natural hygiene products like shampoo, hand sanitizer, etc., I'd love to know about it.


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