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Carbon offsets are a joke

I've never really liked the idea of carbon offsets. It seems to me that people and companies should be looking at the root cause of what they are doing to release carbon and other greenhouse gases, and fix those things, rather than pay a penalty, plant some trees, all the while wailing "mea culpa! mea culpa!"

Love this post from eco-chick with Cheat Neutral's take on offsets. They mockingly liken offsets to buying flowers and candy to make it up to your significant other after cheating on them. To become "cheat neutral," cheaters get paired with registered faithfuls, and we all balance out. Gotta love Cheat Neutral's tagline too: "Helping you because you can't help yourself." Although this site is a joke, they've got some good references on carbon offsetting and why they think carbon offsetting is also a joke.


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