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One family tackling the Eat Local Challenge

Dirttodish One of the great things to come out of the Green Sprouts Festival was meeting Portland mom and blogger Katherine Gray, who stopped by our clothing swap. Katherine writes about her family's (including two young children) quest to eat as locally as possible on her blog Dirt to Dish. Her posts are full of details about what she's buying, how much she's spending (trying to stick to the USDA family budget!) and her struggles to source certain local foods. I'm so inspired by her dedication and awed by the time it must take her to research and plan menus, while both working and raising two children. I love her writing style and down-to-earth honesty. I'd like to hear more about her menus and recipes (hint, hint) and what types of things she's getting her kids to eat.

While I haven't limited my shopping to only local foods, I do *try* to buy as local as possible (fruit is tricky -- but have you tried those local peaches lately -- oh yum). As we head into colder months, and the availability of fresh local produce dwindles, I can see challenges ahead. My CSA subscription ends at the end of October, and I'm already in mourning. I'm not sure how well kale and root veggies will go over with my crew. But now that I've become aware of the 'true cost of food' I'm not sure I can bring myself to buy red bell peppers from the grocery store in February. I'll be eagerly following Katherine's adventures this winter!


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