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Portland's Found Food Movement

Edibleportfall I scooped up the Fall issue of my beloved Edible Portland magazine this morning at the Hillsdale Farmers Market. As always it's chock full of interesting (and tasty) articles that celebrate our paradise of local food. One of the articles talks about a growing 'Found Food' movement in Portland, which is supported by a Web site called Urban Edibles. The Web site is basically a database of locations around the city where food is growing -- food that anyone can pick for themselves (as long as you ask -- see the Ethics category). There are so many fruit trees and other edibles growing in the city limits that are not being harvested and are rotting. The database enables urbanites in search of home-grown, and often organic, foods to share the bounty at no cost.

Examples are: a fig tree growing in the parking lot of a business; a mass of blackberry bushes along a road; rosemary growing in a parking strip. The locations seem to be a mix of publicly-accessed spots and private residences whose owners can't keep up with the harvest. Sadly, there are only a handful of locations in SW Portland; the vast majority are on the east side. But what a fantastic resource! You get a hankering for a fresh pear? Look it up, and go pick one! Has anyone tried this yet?


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