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Power to the clothesline!

Did you read about the clothesline controversy in the Oregonian? A Bend woman is facing possible legal action for hanging her laundry out to dry in her chi-chi neighborhood (ya gotta love the issues in Oregon that make the national news... there was also the stink about the dogs peeing, er, dishonoring the Gresham fire hydrant painted with the stars-and-stripes).

We loved Jilly's letter to the editor so much that we wanted to reprint it here:

Seriously? This is really an issue? In Bend? Aren't you folks down there supposed to be just a little bit more environmentally savvy than us city folks?

I find myself just a bit more disgusted by this than I probably should be, but I am tired about how complacently most people live their lives.

After all, it's not a methamphetamine or other drug problem, a political stance, too many pets or a large religious meeting. Come on people, it's laundry and it's our Earth! You know, the one we're supposed to leave behind for our (grand)children. Let the laundry fly free -- at least it's clean!

What do you think about the right to hang laundry, even at the risk of violating neighborhood CCRs?


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