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The skin care dilemma

After reading about the purportedly dangerous chemicals in so many skin care products, I finally managed to wean myself off of Neutrogena and switched over to Avalon Organics facial cleanser and moisturizer, which I bought at Wild Oats. Avalon_3 So I'm thinking, "Hmm, organic and sold at Wild Oats, so it's got to be pretty harmless, right?" I've used it for about a month and I LOVE IT. I'm using the Vitamin C Refreshing Cleansing Gel and the Vitamin C Rejuvenating Oil-Free Moisturizer. It feels really light on my skin and never oily. And I didn't get that nasty breakout that sometimes comes with a change in skin care. I'm thinking I hit the jackpot! Well, then I checked it out over at the Environmental Working Group database. Sigh. The cleanser scored a 5, which is not good (risk of cancer and all sorts of other nastiness) and the moisturizer was a 4, which is slightly better but not much.

So I'm looking through the list of cleansers that scored a 0, which means 'totally harmless,' and I see Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap, which Renee just used to make hand soap. Drbronner_2 Who is this magical Dr. Bronner, and should I trust him on my face? Would you? Or should I just stick with my beloved Avalon and live on the edge? But, if it does really contain unhealthy ingredients, shouldn't we be sending stern messages to the manufacturers by boycotting these products? So many questions...


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