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Baby step: move your printer far, far away...

I learned this one by accident. If you want to save on the amount of paper you print, move your printer far, far away from where you do your computer work. My setup is ideal for saving paper. We have a wireless network at our house (thanks to my genius techy-geek husband). The DSL line comes into the basement, connects to a hub and the printer is connected to that. My desk and computer are upstairs one flight from this basement setup. For me to print a piece of paper, I have to first go downstairs, turn on the printer, wait for it to warm up, then come upstairs, back to my computer, print, then walk back downstairs to get the piece of paper. Just for fun (and a little bit of added aerobics) the printer will jam or run out of paper from time to time, prompting a couple more trips up and down the stairs. It's taught me to really think twice before printing anything. And I get a little exercise to boot.


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