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Talking with kids about climate change

We've talked about the pros and cons of discussing climate change with children in our GreenGroup, and have posted a great resource -- written by a child -- that explains climate change. Regardless, the consensus leans toward not talking about it with kids, as it is deemed far too scary of a subject. Who'd want to bring global warming anxiety down on their kids? So check out this Edutopia article on teaching kids about global warming in a hopeful way. Damaris, my friend who sent the link, had this to say about the article:

"this is a great article on talking about climate change with kids. i really like the concept of getting kids 'invested' in conserving energy by comparing bills and splitting the difference if they help cut down usage. might be an awesome way to get them to turn the tv off more often than not. i know you guys don't have this problem but a lot of parents do."

Do you talk about global warming/climate change with your kids? At what age did you start (the article is targeting 5th graders)? Any other resources you'd recommend for making it less scary?


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