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The natural way to flush

Dscn0514 This cold season is killing me. I've had a cold every other week, and I'm in the throes of sinus nastiness right now. I haven't weaned myself off -- nor do I intend to anytime soon -- Sudafed (now only available with a prescription) or antibiotics. A bad experience being treated by a naturopathic student about 15 years ago has left me leery of most natural cold remedies. Perhaps it's time to get over it?

The one natural remedy I have embraced, however, is the sinus flush. When your sinuses are all stuffed up, flushing them out with salt water cleanses the sinus cavity and prevents mucus from sitting there getting all infected. That's where the Neti Pot comes in (pronounced like 'netty'). The pot is small (as compared to the coffee mug) so it's really easy to handle. You whip up a small batch of salt water (I think it's about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp salt to one cup warm water and stir to dissolve), pour it into the Neti Pot, lean way over a bathroom sink, put the spout into one nostril and tilt your head to the opposite side until you feel the water running through your sinuses and out the other nostril. Really! Here comes the gross part; after you've let it run through a few seconds, you blow out all the goo. There's a lot and it's disgusting, but then you can breathe again! Repeat it with the other nostril and do it as often as you need to.

I bought mine years ago at Wild Oats (when it was called Nature's) for around $20, and I'm pretty sure they carry them at New Seasons and Whole Foods. Do you Neti? Do you love it? Have you ever used it with your kids?


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