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Time for a little hanky-panky!

So here's another of my loopy ideas... the return of the handkerchief. Hanky, for short. I forgot that was even a word. It's on my mind since every member of my family, myself included, has been attacked by some fierce drippy-nose, exploding sinuses, croup-cough, pinkeye goober eyes bug of mass mucus production over the last several weeks. As I type, I have the attention span of a gnat because my head continues to be filled with so much congestion I swear it could explode at any moment (so stand back, you only get one warning). So forgive me if I'm a bit disjointed. Lately it's been hard to keep track of where the boxes of tissues are. And every time I see them I'm bugged that I can't find a bulk vendor of recycled fiber content tissues. So maybe what I need to do is avoid the whole issue of new fibers vs. recycled fibers. And go back to using cloth handkerchiefs. It wasn't so long ago that I was a teenager. I remember folding handkerchiefs from my laundry chores. It got me to wondering if they still even make them, and lo and behold Amazon has only 171 styles available for your perusal (although some seem more like the ones Liberace would put in his breast pocket, so probably not the best choice for the kind of sinus clearing action I need right now). I do like that the classic bandana is featured. Although I would not want to be mistaken for a Blood or a Cripp, so color choice here is important. And thank you to Wikipedia for validating for me that use of a handkerchief in North America does have an old-fashioned connotation, yet in Japan and Sri Lanka use of a handkerchief gives the impression that one is well-educated. And here's another funny little historical note:

"The Kleenex company hadn't initially imagined that people would want a disposable handkerchief, so they initially marketed their product exclusively as a make-up removal tool. It was only later after they discovered that people were blowing their noses into the tissue that they began marketing it for this purpose."

I guess those Kleenex people would be laughing all the way to the bank if they could look into my garbage can this week. But I'm thinking it's time for a change. Perhaps some tie-dye hankies made out of old t-shirts are in this family's future? Do you use cloth handkerchiefs? Do you find it polishes your well-educated image? Or do you fear it's unhygienic and hopelessly old-fashioned?


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