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Rethinking Holiday cards...

Here's a recent email from Behan, which has got me thinking:

Hey guys!  Love your blog.  I had an idea for you... what about a post on holiday cards?  Families with kids send bazillions a year...so maybe some clever methods or resources for reducing the impact?  I'm thinking of DIY, or printers who use responsible products, etc., or even some ways to easily do an electronic card and forgo the mail completely.

So here's the deal in our family. Every Thanksgiving weekend, we set ourselves up for disaster. We get the kids all gussied up, try to get myself and Cheap-o-Dad at least looking presentable, then we put the digital camera on a tripod, and take thousands of pictures over what seems like an eternity just hoping to get a picture -- not a perfect picture, mind you, that would make us all look like air-brushed celebrities and their darling kids -- but just a picture where we are all facing the camera, not picking our noses, or with eyes closed, or where it's really obvious that I have a double chin and have not lost all the baby weight... So by the end of it, we are just bribing the kids with something awful like M&Ms or pulling out all the "recycled" Halloween candy and begging them to "PUH-LEASE, just look at the camera and SMILE PRETTY for us, JUST ONE MORE TIME!"

Then we all have a meltdown of some sort and we hope there might be some kind of gem hidden in the digital camera that we so far haven't noticed that will jump out and say: "Pick me! THIS is the best, most flattering and glorifying holiday picture ever taken..." But really, there's usually just one where we mostly look semi-OK, but not great, and we shrug our shoulders in defeat and say "Fine. OK. I guess this one isn't toooooo horrible. And it doesn't really look like she's picking her nose that much. And my double chin is only noticeable if you're really looking for it..." So, we pick that one. Then print up about 50 holiday cards at Costco, mail out about 40 (on a good year) of those.

And then after being mailed and read, they probably end up in someone's garbage can under the dirty kitty litter and used Q-tips.

So what are your ideas to green up the whole holiday card thing this year? It's Friday. I (hopefully) have provided the humor. Do you have any great, green holiday card ideas to share?


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