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Clean your hands well, and begone, you germs!

Germs are everywhere. There's no avoiding them. As much as you talk to your kids about washing their hands and not picking their noses, they just don't listen. At least mine don't. And they are such marvelous little petri dishes! Case in point: the nasty stomach bug my 3-year-old had last week. Vomiting, the squirts. Yuck!

Now, I'm a big fan of plain old soap and water for getting hands clean. Yet there are certainly instances where hand sanitizer comes in handy. You've been there: impromptu diaper changes, porta-potties... Most sanitizers contain alcohol. I don't like that. So I'm really excited about the CleanWell Sanitizer spray and wipes the company has sent for us to try. It's made from thyme oil, contains no alcohol and kills germs naturally.

Wanna try some? I'll mail you a sample, if you send EnviroMom an email telling us about one enviro-positive change you've recently made in your family's life.

Editor's Note: All the samples I had are now gone.


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