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Laundry bluing -- use it?

We get the most interesting questions sometimes! I've heard of laundry bluing, but never gave it any thought. Meg has a bluing dilemma:

My daughter just checked a book out of the library on growing crystals.  So she and her Daddy are getting all set for some experiment that requires all sorts of household objects and then requires ammonia and something called "laundry bluing".  I had to look online to find out what laundry bluing is.  My husband wants to go run out and buy a bottle.  As I am trying to reduce the amount of odd plastic bottles of potentially harmful things that come into my house (and be used once and then sit around forever), I thought I would hit you ladies up with a couple of questions.  So here they are:

1. Is "laundry bluing" something toxic and environmentally harmful? 
2. Does any mom out there have an old bottle of it in their laundry cupboard and would they be willing to part with a bit (6 tablespoons) of it for the sake of a first grader's science experiment?

I found this article online that says laundry bluing (Mrs. Stewart's) is a green, biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner. I guess it is used as an alternative to bleach? For whitening clothes? Anyone out there using it?


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