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Old socks, old stuffies and old board books

Have you seen The Story of Stuff? Get yourself a cup of tea, and sit back for about 15 minutes for this very interesting analysis. Thanks JulieG for sending us the link.

The problem with stuff from an enviro standpoint, is once you have it, you usually have to get rid of it after some point. That's the hard part for those of us who try to be responsible. So put on your thinking caps. Here's some recycle/reuse stumpers for you:

  • Old chewed-on board books?
  • Old socks and undies?
  • Old well, loved stuffed animals?

We had a debate about whether board books can be recycled curbside. Any Master Recyclers out there with some insight?

Jen from our GreenGroup has a friend who makes rag rugs from old socks, especially wool. So if you have some of those, send us an email, and we'll hook you up with Jen's friend.  As far as undies go, pass them on to family for as long as you can and then, it's the rag bag. Unless our creative readers have any better ideas. If so, please share... We were also wondering how hard it would be to shred old undies and make stuffing out of them. Anyone, anyone?

About stuffed animals. Can we submit a bill to Congress that no new stuffed animals are ever bought or sold ever again? Perhaps that's too severe. Some GreenGroup moms have said they confiscate stuffed animal gifts from well-meaning relatives and donate the new ones to kids in hospitals such as Doernbecher before they reach the hands of their own kids (because surely your kids have already way too many stuffed animals as it is; I know mine do).

What are your thoughts on recycling and reusing old board books, socks and undies and stuffed animals?


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