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Reducing, reusing and recycling amid the holiday excess

Well, I have to admit, I did not make all the cloth wrapping bags and furoshiki wrappings I had hoped to. But I did make a few. And the pile of wrapping paper that littered our living room floor yesterday morning was not nearly as overwhelming as the previous year's pile. Last year, environmental stuff was hardly on my radar at Christmas. So I was pretty pleased with our family's improvement in a year's time.

Needless to say, like any good EnviroMom I forbade anyone from cleaning up the bows, paper, ribbons, plastic packaging, etc. until they had strict marching orders from me. I had an especially keen eye toward reuse (it's something our family has always done, similar to what Heather described earlier this week). And I read with glee The Oregonian's piece on recycling and reuse -- it was like I'd aced a test and had sorted and gathered exactly as they described (prior to reading the article, thank-you-very-much!). I felt I could wear my Master Recycler badge with pride! If you're in Portland Metro and you've got any questions on what goes in the yellow recycling bin, and what to do with all the extra stuff that doesn't go in the bin, this article is a great reference piece. And remember that your trash/recycling pickup may come on a different day this week due to the holidays. Check your Portland Curbsider for details.

The Oregonian also had a piece on a kids' clothing closet in NE Portland. It's always nice to know about a non-profit that will accept clothing for reuse and local distribution. The Children's Clothes Closet is in Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 1244 NE 39th Ave (503-234-6569). They accept donations of clothing for children and adults (clean and in good repair), with a particular need for clothes for older kids.


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