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Reuse: gift wrap goodies

Dscn0604 Whenever we receive a gift, whether a basket of fruit or a wrapped present, I keep an eye out for any part and piece of it than might be reusable. A few inches of cool ribbon, a colorful box, shredded paper, raffia strands, a little pine cone charm. My mom used to do this when we were growing up (and still does), and every once in awhile she'll attach a little something to a gift that I remember from a present 25 years ago. I've obviously inherited this trait (among other eye-rolling behaviors). Now I look at my stash of gift wrap accessories and know that I will probably never have to buy another piece of tissue paper or tag for the rest of my life! Until recently I never thought about it in terms of being 'green' -- it's just something I've always done.

I still have a few rolls of wrapping paper purchased over the years, and I'll use it up eventually and just won't buy any more. (Really, if you've already purchased it, you might as well use it, right?) Otherwise, a pretty ribbon around a box or a fabric gift bag, like the Lucky Crow bags, is a swell way to present a gift. I've passed the same paper gift bags back and forth between friends and family for years...no need to buy any more of those! I'll have my ribbon radar set to STUN on Christmas morning, arm wrestling my mom for the holiday discards, and will be collecting whatever I can salvage for another season. What about you? Are you a ribbon/tissue/bag/paper hoarder, too?


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