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Reuse: glass flower vases

There's nothing I like more than a fresh floral arrangement. I have no skill in arranging flowers myself, so the lovely ones always come from professional florists. Occasionally, Cheap-o will pop for some flowers, for a big wedding anniversary (especially if I drop a lot of hints). And my dad is quite thoughtful about getting flower arrangements for holidays and special celebrations. The challenge is with the glass flower vases.

If you are like me, you've probably collected flower vases in all shapes, sizes and colors. You reuse them as best you can. But perhaps, you too, are finding that your cabinets are near to bursting with glass flower vases. Due to different types of glass, these vases cannot be recycled curbside in the "glass on the side" bucket. And if you've ever been to a thrift store or estate sale, you'll usually find an abundance of glass flower vases there as well. So this challenge is clearly widespread. Once, I suggested to our local florist that she take back and reuse some of the vases she'd delivered to our house, and she looked at me as if I were suggesting she take back and reuse the dead flowers.

That was a while ago. Perhaps times have changed. Does anyone use a local florist who will take back and reuse glass flower vases? Or, do you know of a local organization that wants glass flower vases?


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