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What to do with an old feather bed?

Huh. Here's an interesting dilemma from Laurie:

Hi.  Weird question, maybe, but I have a featherbed that has been through almost a decade of use and is just too, I don't know what, to continue to sleep on.  The care instructions say to dry clean (not a chance I'm sleeping on fusty feathers + nasty dry cleaning solvent) or wash, but I don't think it will live through a wash intact, and I'm not even sure where I could take it to be laundered.  Really, it's just time to retire the whole thing, but I don't feel so great about just throwing it out.  I have read about feathers being composted, but mostly in the context of a big old farm pile of chicken guts and stuff; I have no idea whether or not they would work in a regular pile of yard/kitchen compost.  Or maybe someone has some suggestions for how I could wash the feathers in smaller bunches and then I could make some pillows or something?  Any ideas would definitely be appreciated. Great job with the site, by the way, I really appreciate all of the useful information and encouragement.

Love that idea of reusing the feathers in pillows, but can you wash them? Anyone have ideas for Laurie?


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