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PH12.6 to the rescue

I've recently had a few Homer Simpson moments when I discovered much to my chagrin that my children haven't been playing quietly and nicely, but have been up to no good. For example, on Thanksgiving morning. I was busy peeling potatoes, setting the table, monitoring the roasting turkey, etc. and so forth. Only to be alerted by my 5-year-old, "Mom, mom! Come quick. You have to stop this!" She led me to the spare bedroom I use as an office. My 3-year-old had been coloring on the painted walls with an orange fluorescent high-lighter pen. Here's the Homer Simpson internal voice part: "Must not yell at the child. She's only exploring her creative, artistic nature..." I think I managed to express my disapproval with a stern voice instead of yelling. My saving grace was PH12.6. It took the orange marker stains right off. Almost too easy to believe. So I got right back to being thankful.

Next, it was the 3-year-old again, this time with so-called washable markers on my living room coffee table instead of in her coloring book. DH discovered this one. I think he gave into the Homer Simpson urge and immediately started yelling. I wasn't too worried. Hey, they're washable markers, right? Well, I came back with a wet towel, and started trying to clean the marks. Uh-oh. They're weren't coming off. Hmmmm. Then I remembered my PH12.6. And again, almost too easily, the marks were gone.

The last time PH12.6 came to my rescue was when my 3-year old was suffering from a stomach bug. We did not know she was sick until she started vomiting in her bed after going to sleep one night. It was pretty gross. Vomit everywhere -- in her hair, dripping down her PJs, all over the sheets. Even soaked through the mattress pad. After stripping the bed, I sprayed some PH12.6 on the wet spots on the mattress, and instantly the smell of vomit was gone.

I realize that PH12.6 doesn't work for every cleaning task, but it is becoming one of my favorite cleaners for a variety of tasks, hands-down.


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