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Good 4 Girls: reuseable cloth menstrual pads for developing nations

I love this. The Good 4 Girls initiative collects donations of reusable cloth menstrual pads -- either hand-sewn or commercially sewn. Goods 4 Girls is working with aid organizations in Kenya and Uganda to distribute the pads to girls in need. Why, you ask? Because in developing nations, they don't have tampons and maxi pads as cheaply and readily available from vending machines in public restrooms as we do. So when they get their periods, they often have to miss school, or worse, they're trying to change-out the rags or wads of newspaper they are using behind a shrub. I cannot imagine. We have Seattle's own Crunchy Chicken to thank for this great idea, who's clearly put a lot of thought into it (please read her post for more information and to get involved).


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