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New perspective on the ol' clothesline challenge

Have you heard this old joke? Question: What's the difference between a brown-noser and a butt-kisser? Answer: depth perception. So a different perspective, if you will. I'm happy to say I found a different perspective the other day on my clothesline dilemma -- one that has given me an exciting solution to a challenge I've been ruminating on for at least half a year. And rest assured, there will be no more potty talk or bad jokes going forward in this post (whew!).

Line We were hanging out a temporary clothesline in our backyard the other day after re-tie-dyeing our lunchbox napkins. Perhaps I need some remedial tie-dye training, but the colors have really faded since September: Is this normal? Too much washing? Water not hot enough when we dyed? Didn't leave them in the dye bath long enough? No bother, the good news is that they seem to be infinitely re-dyeable and it was just as fun the second time around to refresh the color.

In any case, I didn't want the dye-drippy napkins dripping in my basement laundry room, which is where we usually hang things out to dry when we have just a few things. I also didn't want the dye soaking into our wood drying rack for fear I'd next hang out some whites and accidentally dye those some rather vibrant colors.

Clothes_line_view When my daughter and I were trying to figure out where to hang our clothes line, we got down on her eye-level, and the solution just jumped at us. Using a bungee-cord, looped to some clothesline, looped to another bungee cord between the base of our neighbor's hedge and the top of our back hedge, we had the most perfect spot to hang up a clothes line. We have a very weird but lovely lot, with houses at different elevations on either side, and a protected greenspace in the back, bordered by a hedge, and complemented by a million dollar view of Mt. St. Helens. Therein was the clothesline dilemma. How to be a good, true-to-my-brand EnviroMom and hang out our clothes to dry without flashing and flapping our undies around for all the neighbors to see, and not tarnishing anyone's mountain view.

I think what we did the other day can be expanded upon, could accommodate a whole load of laundry, could be put up and taken down without too much effort, and also puts the whole shebang at kid-level so that they can actually help hang the laundry (but will they? that's the million dollar question....). There's a part of me that wishes I wouldn't procrastinate on these things so much. But I'm glad that I did in this case. In addition to getting a new perspective on this after ruminating for half a year, I'm avoiding all the environmental costs of what I figured we'd have to do: get a big, tall, ugly metal umbrella-style clothesline that our neighbors may have hated us for. I think I can do this with materials on hand. And at least for our sunny season, we can meet a new goal of hanging the clothes out to dry. Yippee!!!


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