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Ding, dong: it's the napkin lady!

Kinder_naps As part of our talk with the kinders yesterday, I decided to make a few cloth napkins. That way, not only do they leave the talk whistling Jack Johnson's catchy "3 R's" tune (sing it with me now: "We got to learn to Reduce, Reuse, Recyle! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!"); they leave with a reuse item in hand: yes, the glorious cloth napkin. Cloth napkins are becoming my signature item. I made some for our preschool auction, and believe it or not, they were hot sellers. I made some for my daughter's birthday party in place of a goody bag. It all started prior to this school year, with our t-shirt tie-dye napkins.

Auct_naps I cannot believe I forgot to take a picture of the auction napkins. Where is my brain half of the time? I do have some leftover cloth, so you get an idea of what those look like. I finished them with bright lime green bias tape, and although they weren't super hard to make, they would be a challenge if you'd never sewn before (folding the tape at the corners was a bit tricky). The ones I made this time were so simple. I used printed knit fabrics -- polka dots and pirate maps -- that I hope will not fray at the edges. They didn't require any sewing, which I thought might be a good inspiration for the moms out there who wish they were like Angry Chicken (me! me!) but are not. In any case, the kids seemed to like them, and I hope we inspire a new group of kids to Reduce and Reuse in the cloth napkin department.


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