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Summer Clothesline Challenge 2008: bring it on

Dscn2714 Hot enough for ya? Nothing like a little 80-90+ degree weather to make you want to sit on the back porch and watch laundry dry in the sun.

Dscn2716_2 Frankly, I'm glad to be here. It took me a while to get up the gumption to hang my clothing out to dry. Nothing against the ol' solar clothes dryer. I just felt inhibited. I mean, NONE of my neighbors hang their clothes out to dry. Then there was that big stink in Bend last year about the lady trying to do the green thing by hanging out her laundry and violating the CCRs of some hoity-toity affluent bedroom community. So while I agreed whole-heartedly about using clotheslines, doing it myself held some hangups I needed to get past. But the good news is the procrastination technique worked for me. It helped me to figure out how to set up a clothesline in our minimal yard with minimal expense, and only minimally impacting anyone's view. What also became clear after a bit of trial and error was that stringing it between two hedges required a little support, which was fixed by one of those metal shepherd's hooks.

So, let me just say that I was ready when I saw Gift of Green's Clothesline Challenge. I signed up at the Advanced level (thankyouverymuch). And we've been rocking it so far. Here's the process:

  1. Read the weather forecast.
  2. Rant and rave when those bleeping bleeps lie to us and tell us it's going to be hot and dry, and then it just rains, and rains, and rains.
  3. Gather dirty clothing when the rain ceases.
  4. Wash on cold. (I don't know why I'm still sorting. Old habits die hard.)
  5. Hang to dry early in the morning.
  6. Late in the day, pop open a beer, admire the view of Mount St. Helens, watch the laundry dry, and try to remember to fold it before putting the kids to bed.

Granted, it's only May, but we've solar dried about 6 loads of laundry so far. Did my whites yesterday. Need to go hang up the darks today.

The fine print: I am claiming the socks and underwear exemption. I shall not, will not, hang out my undies for neighbors to see. And the socks simply take too much dang time to hang up.

Do you have one of the hot-selling latest new-fangled high-tech solar clothes dryers in your back yard?


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