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Spring chickens, egg watch and wondering when the heck they're going to get down to business

My dearest spring chickens,

Hi! How are you? Keeping warm in your coop over across the street? It probably seems funny that I'm writing you a letter since I just saw you girls yesterday when we came over to change your water and give you some treats! We sure do spoil you! Saving all the best bits of our kitchen scraps from the compost pail to give for your eating pleasure. You know how you love all those melon rinds and veggie skins! Y'all are like a bunch of skinner dogs -- salivating and clucking every time we come over with some goodies for you. And Goose (sorry about your name by the way -- the neighbor boys picked it)! We know all your tricks. You are the Chicken Run chicken if there ever was one. You hop out of the coop every time we open the top. Nibbling the dandelions growing in the yard. We don't blame you. You've got a lovely coop, but we hear ya. Getting out once in a while has got to be fun. But you with your little chicken brain. Have you not noticed we play you like a violin? We can herd you into a little corner by the coop and pick you up and pop you back in before your little chicken gray matter has even figured out what we're doing.

So, hey. The reason I'm writing is I'm wondering if any of you would be up to laying an egg or two. It's been about 4 months now. You're all totally cute. You have those reddened hen faces that proves to us you seem to be going into your adolescent chicken hormone phase. So, like, do you think you might want to just try laying an egg? We put those little plastic easter eggs in the egg box to try and get you in the mood, but so far that doesn't seem to have had any effect. Now, we're not going to go withholding any watermelon rinds or anything. But we're really hoping to see an egg soon. It's kind of rainy today. Maybe you should all just huddle in the hen house and work on laying. Just cluck if you need anything. And we'll be by to freshen up your water, fill up your grain and give you some fruit and veggie scraps later...

Good luck!

Renee and the kids


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