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What's the deal with disposable wipes?

You know what I love? I love my microfiber dusting cloths. Love them. They pick up dust and they are washable. I've got two of them. And you know what works great for taking off make-up? A washcloth! Or just your soapy hands! I'm quite fond of sponges for general cleaning. And regular old toilet paper has worked just fine for our kids, thankyouverymuch.

But, man. It seems like every time I turn around someone's got some new kind of disposable wipe on the market. We've got your household cleaning wipes specially designed for tile or glass or countertops or wood floors or ___ (fill in the blank). Oh, and don't forget the electrostatic disposable dusting cloths. And wipes for cleaning car interiors (very important). Then you've got your personal wipes for make-up removal or hand-washing or potty-training tushies or -- and get this -- saline-injected nose wipes for children(!). I think the only wipe that I can truly get behind (so to speak) are baby-bottom wipes, though if I had a baby again I would seriously work on cutting back on those with reusable, homemade wipes. (But I'm not having any more babies, so I guess we'll never know!)

Is it about the germs? Are people like, 'I don't want to deal with rinsing out this dirty cloth/sponge/towel because I might get germs on my hands so I'm going to throw it all away'? Or just convenience? Maybe a combo? I used to use disposable dusting wipes and one of those Clorox Ready-Mops with the disposable mops heads. I was seduced by the convenience factor. After awhile I just felt really bad about throwing that stuff away, plus it was expensive.

What about you? Have you weaned yourself off of any wipes? Any brave souls using reusable baby wipes?


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