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KidTip: Good books on planting trees in Kenya and the joy of being a chicken

We are in and out of our local library so often that I sometimes wish I could live there. Always in search of a good book or two. We recently came across two that my kids both loved, so I thought I'd share.

Plantingkenya My almost 7-year-old daughter really seems to dig the environment, and is a Friend of the Earth. When I picked up Planting the Trees of Kenya, by Claire A. Nivola, I knew it might be a little above her reading level, but hoped she'd like the story. That she did. We've read it over and over now. If you've not come across it yet, it's the story of 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai. The illustrations are lovely, and the story is told simply. It's a great introduction on the life work of this inspiring woman. I hope my daughter will take away the message that one person can make a difference and do amazing things in support of the Earth. Suggested for kids 5-8.

Chickenfamilybook The other book we recently read and loved was a silly story about sisters and chickens that my dad found. The Chicken of the Family, by Mary Amato features three sisters, the youngest of which is named Henrietta. Her older sisters try to trick her into believing she is a chicken by putting feathers and an egg by her bed each morning. At first Henrietta is horrifed to not be a person. Then she heads out to a farm, and befriends some hens. And decides she'd rather be a chicken after all, since chickens are so much nicer than big sisters. It is quite funny and a nice break from Rotten Ralph and some of the other tiresome stories my kids make me read over and over!! The Chicken of the Family is recommend for ages 4 and up. My preschooler loves it (in fact, I think we may have it on permanent hold from the library), and my grade schooler does too.

How about you? What earth friendly stories have your kids enjoyed reading lately?


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