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More Halloween Costume Challenge ideas

Batman In the spirit of the Buy Nothing New Halloween Costume Challenge, I thought I'd share some of my past DIY costume successes. We'd love it if you could email photos of your precycled/recycled costumes for us to post! (enviromompdx [at] gmail [dot] com) I've always made my kids' Halloween costumes, er, I should say assembled their costumes. I try to avoid sewing whenever possible and stick with minimal hand-stitching if necessary. Some years have been more ambitious than others, but the past two years have been the easiest and brought the most joy to my kids.

Two years ago my daughter wanted to be Batman, so the only things I bought were a black, hooded sweatshirt and some little black boots, both from a consignment shop. I made a mask out of black craft foam and stretchy string (which I had) and sewed ears onto the hood using the craft foam. A cape was made from some shiny, lightweight fabric I had, which I just velcroed onto the shoulders of the sweatshirt. I cut the Batman symbol out of felt and stitched it on the front. (Iron-on adhesive would have worked, too.) She wore gray tights that she had, and the little black boots finished it off. (She continued to wear the boots throughout the year, since they gave her super powers.)

Incredibles Last year the kids wanted to be The Incredibles, so I pretty much followed the same formula. We already had two pairs of red leggings, and my son had a red sweatshirt, so the only thing I bought was a red shirt for my daughter from the consignment store. Masks were made from the craft foam and the logo cut from felt. I cut a pair of black leggings off at the thigh, and my daughter wore those over her red leggings. Her black boots still fit her from the previous year, and my son wore his navy rain boots. Easy. Happy kids, happy mom.

Check out these DIY costume ideas from Craftzine: this monkey uses the same sweatshirt idea, and this Lego is pretty cute!

This year my kids want to be Oompa Loompas. Not from the creepy Johnny Depp film, the ones from the creepy Gene Wilder version. White overalls, brown shirts, green hair, orange faces. Piece of cake, right?


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