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Baby step: good-bye disposable razors!

DSCN1561 Finally. Finally! How long have I been talking about ditching the disposable razors? (And again here.) I FINALLY tossed my last pink disposable this morning and started using the Recycline Preserve Razor Triple with replaceable blade cartridges. Yes, I did it, and I love it. The razor comes with two cartridges and cost around $7.50 and a box of 4 replacement cartridges cost about the same (at New Seasons).

So what's so great about this razor? For one, it's reusable. The handle has been made from 100% recycled plastics, most of which were Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups in a prior life. You can also recycle the handle (though I'm not sure why you'd need to...maybe if it breaks?) by mailing it back to Recycline or, in Portland, at a Plastics Round-up (which hopefully will resume sooner rather than later). The blades themselves cannot be recycled, but it's a hecka lot better than tossing a whole razor into the trash.

But, really, the most important question is, how does it work? This morning I took it for a test drive on two legs that hadn't seen a razor for a week. On me, that's like shaving a woolly mammoth (which by the way, may be brought back to life thanks to the freaky science of cloning). Also, the sensitive bikini area got some attention. Not a nick or cut in sight. Smooth as a baby's buttocks. The 'ergonomic' handle took a little getting used to, since I've used the same style razor for, what, like 25 years? But it's all good.

To celebrate my depilatoried limbs, I shook out some of my favorite Shikai cucumber/melon hand and body lotion, but you know how lotions get that hard nubbin jammed up in the spout sometimes, and then you think, "if I just give it a little more pressure I'll squeeze that sucker out and get to the lotion stopped up behind it?" Well, of course, the nubbin did get squeezed out along with half the contents of the bottle which spurted all over my body and bathmat, so I'm rubbing this lotion over every inch of skin and then some until I'm all gooped up AND THEN I tried to put on some jeans that had just come out of the dryer. Do you remember that episode of Friends where Ross is trying to pull up his new leather pants and calls Joey for help, and Joey suggests that he try rubbing his legs with lotion, followed by powder, which ultimately makes a huge, sticky mess that Joey refers to as "paste pants?" Yeah, it was kind of like that.

But I LOVE the razor.


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